Gear Rental

RED  Epic Dragon Cinema Packages available!

Build your kit to what you need, not what the rental houses tell you it must include.

CONTACT US now to customize your rig, check on availability and our competitive pricing!



                   1x RED Epic M Dragon                                                                                   6x 19mm Aluminum/Black/CF Rods

1x RED DSMC Titanium PL or EF Mount                                                   1x RED Outrigger Handle

1x RED Skin Tone/Highlight  and Standard OLPF                                                               1x Mounting Plate

1x RED Top+Bottom Fans 2.0                                                                      1x Dovetail

1x RED Module Adaptor                                                                                                1x Quick Release Platform

1x RED Quickplate Module                                                                           2x 15mm Aluminum Rods 5’/6”

2x RED Brick Batteries                                                                                    1x RED CF Mattebox w/Flags

1x RED Brick Battery Charger                                                                       2x 19mm Universal Mounts

1x RED Minimag Side SSD Dragon Module                                  1x Wooden Camera XLR A-Box

1x RED DSMC Side Handle                                                                            2x RODE NTG-2 Mics

1x REDMote                                                                                                       1x RED Allen Wrench Set

1x RED Touch 5.0” LCD                                                                                   1x RED Bolt Set

1x RED Bomb EVF                                                                                             2x Mogami XLR Cables 18”

2x RED LCD/EVF 12”/18” Cables

2x RED 512GB Minimags

2x RED 240GB Minimags

1x RED Station Minimag SSD Reader: FW800+eSATA/USB 3.0

1x RED FW800+eSATA/USB 3.0 Cables

10x REDVolt Batteries

3x RED DSMC Travel Charger

1x RED AC Power Adaptor

1x Tactical Cage

1x RED Sliding Top Handle

1x RED Swat Rail 100mm

1x Hoodman H-R5.6 Sun Shade

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